A perfect time to express your love and appreciation, it’s a day where you can reminisce old memories and make some new. Before we start, let’s take a look back and find out a little more about the meaning and history of Valentine’s Day in the UK.

When is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

A date in the calendar not to be missed, Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on the 14th February, and is often signified with the sharing of cards and gifts with their significant other. This year, Valentine’s Day lands on a Friday, which is perfect for a date night, without the worry of work in the morning.

Who invented Valentine’s Day?

One thing historians agree on regarding Valentine’s Day is that the celebration is named after a saint named Valentine. The specific saint however is yet to be confirmed, as there were quite a few with the same name!

So, what’s the story behind the popular occasion? One popular theory is that he was a third century AD roman priest who broke the law and married couples in secret following the banning of marriage under Emperor Claudius II’s reign. When Claudius found out about Valentine’s rule breaking, he was sentenced to death and put straight in jail.

A romantic rebellion, Valentine fell in love with his jailer’s daughter, who received a love letter signed with the signature “from your Valentine”, as he was been taken to his death. A sad yet endearing love tale!

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Following the romantic tale of Saint Valentine, it may seem a lot of pressure to create a romantic gesture for your loved one, but with our handy Valentine’s Day gift guide, finding a special something for your other half has never been easier. Whether your partner is a breakfast in bed connoisseur, travel enthusiast or budding chef, we have the perfect gift to bring a big smile to their face this Valentine’s Day.

Say ‘bonjour’ to the perfect Valentine’s Day gift
Home of the city of love, sublime wine and mouth‐watering cheeses, no one portrays romance quite like the French. Inspired by Bordeaux, our Pimpernel Vin de France lap tray is the perfect ticket to France, without the hefty price tag. With a bean bag base, wipe‐clean top, and stylish design, TV suppers have never looked so good.

Valentine’s Day gifts for the household chef
For the person that loves nothing more than cooking up a storm in the kitchen, treat them to a new apron, featuring beautiful blooms from the iconic Botanic Garden collection. For Valentine’s Day however, try your hand at cooking them a meal instead! Nothing says romance quite like a beautifully set table, bright candles and a home cooked dinner.

Valentine’s Day ideas for the Sunday sleeper
Is there anything better than having a long lie‐in on a Sunday morning? Well, maybe there is! For Valentine’s weekend, surprise your loved one with a mouth‐watering breakfast in bed, served perfectly on our Morris & Co for Pimpernel Wightwick mug and tray set. For an extra special touch, whip up a breakfast they’ll love using these scrumptious Valentine’s brunch recipes.

Whatever you get up to this Valentine’s Day, as long as you’re together nothing else matters. Have a wonderful day and be sure to celebrate, the Pimpernel way.